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Crack Sealing - Wyndham City Council Victoria

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March 2022


Crack Sealing


Wyndham City Council


Point Cook, Victoria

Crack Sealing – Wyndham City Council Victoria

RPQ completed 23,711 lineal metres over 27 locations within a 3-day period working to an allocated timeframe of 10 hours per day.  Works consisted of site/crack preparation, traffic management, crack sealing and resident’s notifications.

Crack seal entailed, applying hot melted PMB crack sealant to road pavement abutment joints between asphalt pavement & concrete kerb, medium island, speed bumps, roundabouts, traffic island as well as roadways.

As this task was undertaken working to time restraints, notifying residents by door knocking and letter box drops, allowed RPQ to complete all works in the timeframe allocated with minimal complaints or interruptions.

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