TMR Fitzroy Region Reseals

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September 2021 to January 2022


Full service reseals on regional roads west of Rockhampton




Various locations in the TMR Fitzroy Region

TMR Fitzroy Region Reseals

RPQ Spray Seal were successful in tendering on a programme to reseal various locations in TMR’s Fitzroy region with a crumb rubber binder not widely used by TMR in that part of Queensland.  A total of 5,035,000 Litres of S15RF crumb rubber material was sprayed during the job which was all manufactured by RPQ using their state of the art “Mega Ducky”.  This purpose built mobile blending facility, made in Queensland, allows RPQ to manufacture the required binder on site, reducing the potential for the crumb to “settle out” in tankers during long haulage times from Brisbane. The binder was able to be applied by our very experienced team that resulted in a reseal that exceeded the expectations of the client.

The equivalent of 63,000 car tyres were recycled in the process of making the binder for this project which was tested to the TMR specification in our on site, Nata certified laboratory.  This ensured that the client received a binder that was on-spec as it arrived on the job.

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