RPQ are the pioneers in road milling and profiling in Queensland, having operated out of Brisbane since 1984. With this depth of experience, RPQ Profiling has grown to be the specialist supplier of road milling to the road construction industry today.

RPQ Profiling has a modern, diverse fleet of profiling equipment to suit the needs of any size project. The equipment ranges from bobcat style 0.5m machines for small or difficult to access works through to machines that can cut in widths of 1m, 1.5m and 2m and to depths of up to 300mm in a single pass.

RPQ Profiling also have a 2m profiler fitted with an ultra-fine milling drum, this machine finely textures the asphalt and provides a ready to drive on surface with high skid resistance. This is ideal for improving flushed asphalt surfaces or areas where high skid resistance is needed such as steep descents.

One of the main advantages of RPQ Profiling is the inter-company capability and support provided from the other divisions of the RPQ group. We are able to provide our clients a complete mill-out and fill asphalt service, bitumen spray sealing and civil works. This ability increases our competitiveness, and ensures our clients receive the high level of personal service and quality that RPQ is renowned for.