East Coast Rd Stradbroke Island - Double/Double & Triple/Triple Seals


RPQ division:
RPQ Spray Seal

Project date:
March - April 2017



RPQ were contracted to reseal the main road of Stradbroke Island from Dunwich to Point Lookout. RPQ had to design and construct a 14/7mm Double/Double PMB reseal on the main alignment with an additional trial of Triple/Triple seal designs in areas of high stress such as intersections and road curves.   RPQ Engineers and Supervisors worked closely with QTMR, RoadTek, local residents and the Quandamooka Aboriginal people to deliver a high quality product and personalised service.  As RPQ have undertaken local council reseal and construction programs on various islands throughout the years, we have proven experience that helped the team to overcome the logistical and unpredictable weather challenges the islands can possess.  This previous experience, coupled with RPQ’s extensive knowledge base and the use of technical and historical data contributed to the successful completion of the project.

View the QTMR video https://www.facebook.com/TMRQld/videos/1483881134988098/