Foamed Bitumen Roadbase Supply - D'Aguilar Hwy NCHD-3089

RPQ division:
TRICO Asphalt

Project date:
February - July 2016

McIlwain Civil / QTMR


This project was part of the D'Aguilar Highway safety improvement program and involved pavement widening and strengthening west of Wamuran. Trico Asphalt established production equipment and a site laboratory in the nearby Bracalba Quarry and processed the foamed bitumen stabilised roadbase for this project. In total approximately 23,000 tonnes was supplied to this difficult project that had very restrictive working area and high demands from traffic. An excellent working relationship between the technical and operational areas of QTMR, McIlwain Civil and Trico Asphalt enabled the project to run smoothly and a high quality project was delivered.