Centenary Highway Widening, METD-3141 - SMA Asphalt Overlay

RPQ divisions:
RPQ Asphalt, RPQ Profiling, RPQ Spray Seal, Trico Asphalt

Project date:
November 2015


Dooval Constructions / QTMR Metro


The scope of the project was re-alignment, widening and re-shaping the Centenary Highway to provide better traffic flow and rideability. The project consisted of a full grid pick up of existing levels by a survey to provide detailed paving plans throughout the sub layers. Profiling was required to remove fatigued SMA and seal membrane, along with deeper design milling, as per design plan. Then place multiple lifts of DG20HM, to conform to MRS 31 specification. Design level to 100mm below FSL was achieved; binder layer of 50mm applied followed by an S4.5S seal to MRS11 specification. Wearing course of SMA14 (MRSS548 specification) placed by travelling reference beam and material transfer vehicle, to achieve rideability and FSL.