Chinchilla Airport Rehabilitation and associated works

RPQ division:
RPQ Spray Seal

Project date:
July 2015


Ostwald Bros  / Western Downs Regional Council


RPQ Spray Seal undertook our first Airport Spray Seal project in conjunction with Ostwald Bros first full Airport rehabilitation project. RPQ’s contribution to the project was to design and apply a three coat seal incorporating a 14mm & 7mm C170 Double/Double seal and then applying an Emulsion based third coat with a processed sand.
The sand was required to be entirely dry to allow for the successful application of the product to the emulsion binder, this was achieved by transporting a course sand to the Swanbank Asphalt plant and then processing the sand through the plant until completely dry, the final product was then transported to the jobsite where it was protected from the elements until used.
The seal design required an increase in both Binder and Aggregate application rates due to the unique traffic effects of light aircraft, the construction process involved trialling the application rates to ensure that theory worked in practice. 
The end result is a sealed surface that elicited commendation from the principal and local authorities alike.