Pacific Highway - Farlows Flat NSW - Foamed Bitumen Stabilising

RPQ division:
TRICO Asphalt

Project date:
January 2012 – March 2013



The project site is located immediately south of the Harwood Bridge (Clarence River) on the Pacific Highway. The initial scope of the Farlow’s Flat project was to raise the existing height of the road pavement above localised flood levels. In some areas of the project this would equate up to approximately 1.5 meter increase in the pavement height from the existing road surface level. Additional work also included the upgrade and re-alignment of South-bound and North-bound access ramps to the Pacific Highway for the Maclean – Yamba interchange.

Road Fleet Service (RFS) was the contractor awarded the delivery of the Farlow’s Flat project. RFS is the construction and maintenance delivery arm of the New South Wales Roads and Maritime Service (RMS). An alliance between the client RMS and RFS was established to administer the delivery of the project. TRICO Asphalt was invited as the sub-contractor to provide foamed bitumen stabilisation of the roadbase used in this challenging project as the highway had to be raised under the live traffic of 14,000 vehicles per day with over 30% heavy vehicles.

The foam bitumen stabilised roadbase proved highly successful and the scope of the project was increase with another 2 stages of adjoining sections of the Pacific Highway included. In the end over 64,000 tonne of foam bitumen stabilised roadbase was used in the 3 stages of the project. Within 12 months of the completion of the project, the site has been flooded twice and the pavement has held sound performing exceptionally well with no damage despite being submerged for several days on two occasions.