Excellent results on the Warrego Highway!

RPQ recently completed a 4.8km section of the Warrego Highway - Site 5 (Crowley Vale) as part of the Department of Transport and Main Roads minor infrastructure contract which includes 9 sites in total on the Warrego Highway, QLD. On this site alone, RPQ placed approximately 7,300 tonnes of asphalt.

This project has been and continues to be a large infrastructure project that has seen RPQ personnel working closely and collaboratively with Department of Transport and Main Roads representatives with the view of achieving the best possible outcomes for both parties.

A performance requirement under the contract was to complete the pavement repairs, corrector course and associated overlay with a ride quality less than 40 counts/km. The project team completed the pavement works on this site with a ride quality significantly below the threshold nominated under the contract, with a 50% improvement when compared with the pre-existing site conditions which is a fantastic result!

This exceptional quality achievement is a credit to everyone involved in this project.